Date Interview Location Length
11-66The In Sound – I Got The Feelin’ US3:20
2-67The In Sound – You Got To Me US2:05
9-67The In Sound – Thank The Lord For The Night Time US1:41
7-1-68The In Sound – Brooklyn Roads US5:06
 The Story Of Pop – Radio 1 UK5:38
 Lifetime Of Rock Australia1:55
 Julia Orange (1975) Australia9:27
 Neil talks about performing  08:37
 John Pitman (before Woburn) UK6:26
 2SM Sydney Special (before tour) Australia28:20
 Neil Diamond Superstar – Satelite to Australia – Michael Schieldberger Australia06:06
 Open End Interview (Stones) US34:48
8-10-70Voices Of Vista US22:31
8-30-71Tony Macaulay UK57:29
1972Fred Robbins – Assignment Hollywood UK2:49
5-72Talk In UK1:01:02
5-31-72DLT UK12:02
9-72Murray The K US55:43
9-25-72Nashville Interview US4:49
10-4-72Neil Diamond Spectacular – Ken Evans UK20:51
August 1973Hot August Night -1 year later US18:14
7-74Dick Clark Music Machine US43:25
1974My Top 12 UK1:00:32
12-74The Day That Changed My Life UK33:31
12-9-74Dave Cash UK12:17
12-9-74Tony Blackburn UK16:30
12-10-74Pete Murray – Radio II UK8:00
8-19-75Hot August Night – Three Years Later US27:35
10-28-75A Man and His Music US50:00
12-75Australian Phone Interview Australia16:23
1976Rolling Stone Interview US08:20
1976Phone call about TYA special Australia3:55
2-17-76Sydney Press Conference Australia19:59
3-1-76Peter Edwards with Marty Smith interview from (12-72) Australia27:24
3-9-76Michael Schildberger Australia49:07
7-4-76Michael Schildberger – Las Vegas Australia04:54
7-4-76Las Vegas to Australia Australia09:42
8-76Ray Leonard – Chicago US08:47
8-13-76Geraldo Rivera – Forest Hills US09:20
9-13-76David Sheehan US02:26
9-25-76David Sheehan US05:33
10-22-76Toronto Interview Canada19:19
1977Prister Holland (similar to A Man & Music) Holland08:38
1977DLT – Rock On Amsterdam UK1:00:09
1977Tony Prince – Radio Luxenburg (inc).  15:44
2-20-77KABC interview US21:41
6-77Noel Edmonds – Diamond Day Radio UK15:18
6-77Holland Sonest (Belgian Interview) Belgium33:25
9-3-78History of Rock & Roll  16:49
11-18-78Ray Leonard (Chicago) US17:30
1-24-79Chicago Interview US50:33
 John Laws Interview Australia07:48
 Bill Gates (before Jazz Singer)  05:54
1-22-81Philadelphia Phone In US37:32
1-29-81StarSound Radio 2 UK20:28
2-5-81Detroit Phone In US01:22:05
5-17-81The Neil Diamond Special – ABC US02:25:15
5-24-81Star ’81 RKO US01:43:41
1-24-82 & 1-31-82David Collins hosts  46:10
8-24-82HAN (10 years later) US27:06
8-18-83Royalty Of Rock – KYA Radio US24:36
10-21-84Rock, Roll & Remember US51:24
7-84Frankfort Germany14:39
2-28-86Rock, Roll & Remember US01:03:41
7-2-86WABC New York US58:26
7-11-86WLS Chicago US06:05
12-16-88Mason Dixon – Q105 Tampa US07:26
10-27-89Capital Radio UK11:34
11-7-89Gloria Hunniford – BBC Radio 2 UK57:06
2-9-90Capital Radio UK27:04
4-16-90Radio Nottingham UK56:30
11-6-91Gloria Hunniford UK46:51
11-27-91Simon Bates UK13:15
1992Australia (before tour) Australia08:35
1992Australia (after tour) Australia08:12
19923MP Neil Diamond Story In Song Australia51:02
4-92The Platinum Years  01:40:08
6-25-92Gloria Hunniford – Radio 2 UK41:06
12-92Leeza Gibbons US1:38:48
3-28-96John Laws 2UE Australia31:58
2-14-99VIP Suite – RTE Radio Dublin, Ireland53:18
6-02Joe Jackson – RTE Radio One Ireland Ireland53:04
10-1-03MSNBC US32:27
10-24-03Dave ‘Til Dawn US45:43
11-13-03Delilah US30:53
12-11-03Delilah US39:44
9-29-03Larry King Live US44:46
11-8-05John Laws Australia
11-06-05CBS Sunday Morning US
4-25-08WCBS-FM US3:14