Another great review!

by tristan April 28, 2017

Great review from the Miami Herald

by tristan April 27, 2017


by marijkeh April 27, 2017

Has anyone noticed that after IAIS, the spot lights create a heart shape ? I wish I could add a photo.

Ft. Lauderdale was in a word, AWESOME

by brian April 27, 2017

Have not kept track of every ND concert I've ever attended but let's just say everyone in South Florida since the 70's and HAN 40th year at the Greek. We were fortunate to be center row, section 1, 4 rows from the stage. Probably best seats we ever had in our lives. In a review of his last concert I wrote... Read more

Posting Photos

by tom_tagliente19 April 27, 2017

There is no UPLOAD button on the PHOTOS page to upload my pictures from Tampa. I took great shots and would like to include them for all to see. Is this feature no longer accessible? Also, how do I delete pictures I already posted. There is no option on the site to remove them either.


by elvis April 27, 2017

Check out on Periscope!!!! Another awesome job to see him doing it. Also added Solitary Man closer to the beginning with guitar and Crunchy Granola Suite to the HAN segment!

ticket stress

by kathy April 27, 2017

I've been waiting for better seats to come up for the show I'm going to (don't have any tickets yet) and this morning some ok seats came up but not great. Going crazy trying to decide if I should get them or wait for better. Show is tomorrow. Any suggestions?

Question about posting links

by bev April 26, 2017

When you copy a link, say for a review, why is it not clickable when posted like on the old board?

Concert at Mohegan Sun in June

by cynpross April 26, 2017

My husband and I are soooo looking forward to Neil's concert at Mohegan Sun. We've been to many, but this is a special one. We're hoping... hint, hint,,, that he'll sing "Hello Again". That's "OUR SONG." Long story short, after many years apart, Don searched for me and then called one day. I said to him, "Thi... Read more

Reminder of New Feature on

by eydie April 26, 2017

Just wanted to remind folks about our "LIKE" or "DISLIKE" voting feature. Each comment should have a thumbs up or thumbs down symbol so you can let us know what comments you like and what comments you don't like. This is a feature that has been requested by our readers. Also, you can use the SITE FEE... Read more

Neil … One More Request … SUZANNE … FT LAUDERDALE APRIL 26

by linnie April 25, 2017

Please, Neil ... Suzanne on April 26, Ft. Lauderdale but keep Dry Your Eyes in setlist too!! Your cover of Suzanne which I can listen to on a loop endlessly keeps 'music runnin' through my brain' ... I love your version of this song and if you want to include Hallelujah as part of a tribute to Leonard Cohen... Read more


by linnie April 25, 2017

OK, Neil ... I'm just putting it all out there for you ... and yes, I'm begging you for just ONE MORE treasure from your deep catalogue. Please just consider it. I want to thank you again for "Dry Your Eyes" in Tampa ... from the very bottom of my heart. But I have just one more teeny tiny request for t... Read more

“Dry Your Eyes” is sensational.

by melody-road April 25, 2017

You can tell it took time to get it right. I love it. The only thing is he should probably mention he did it in "The Last Waltz." I think more casual fans would recognize it. This is the best I ve heard Neil s live voice in many tours. Really on.

Very nice, long preview of tomorrow night’s show at the BB&T Center in Sunrise FL (with Mom Rose)

by skybirdusa2 April 25, 2017

“Diamond looked amazing for his age… and his voice sounded pretty much the same as it did even 40 years ago”

by skybirdusa2 April 25, 2017 Yet another glowing review (though I did not notice that "Solitary Man" was dropped from the setlist

Spoiler alert…

by bev April 24, 2017

Can't believe it, but Neil sang DryYour Eyes in Tampa tonight!

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