Zoot (Rick Springfield’s first band) covering Shilo in the late 1960’s

by sky bird April 21, 2018

http://youtu.be/9YnIs1_W-G0 Pretty cool cover that I havent seen before

Ron Tutt related…

by Songs Are Life April 16, 2018

Did anyone watch "Elvis Presley: The Searcher" last night on HBO?   Ron Tutt was among those interviewed for the new documentary.  His comments are featured throughout Part 2 of the production, and there is even some footage of him from his days playing with Elvis.  It was really cool to see a me... Read more

Old Interviews

by Kathleen Mosley April 15, 2018

I have been working on my page of old interviews from Europe and Australia.  Here is how it is coming along .... https://neildiamondlive.wordpress.com/neil-on-tv/neil-interviews-outside-the-usa-1976-2000/ Hope you enjoy some of these gems from the past.  

Love you Neil.

by Estela Lipschultz April 10, 2018

Well, it has been a very long time since I have been on this wonderful website, but now I am back and ready to love and adore our guy Neil, and I already miss him. I pray and hope and send wonderful kind wishes to Neil and need to hear him always.

Grammy tribute

by lindamilwwi April 5, 2018

Saw Grammy's doing a tribute for Elton John. Any chance they will do the same for Neil? It may not be important to him but he has EARNED it.

Wishing a Blessed Easter to All Who Celebrate!

by Ginny Gnadt April 1, 2018

If you don't celebrate Easter, I wish you a beautiful Sunday or a blessed Passover. I was trying to think of which Neil songs I felt related to Easter. I played "Lady Magdalene" a few times because I believe it related to the crucifixion of Christ and "I've Been This Way Before" because  it means resurrec... Read more

Neil Diamond Radio on SiriusXM radio – stream it on internet channel 700 – get phone app and listen thru your car

by James Salava March 17, 2018

radio.  It's  great  to be able to hear Neil Diamond Radio  all  the time.  I hope they give him a Radio station so everyone could hear him in their cars.

Don’t you think it’s time

by Lois Labendz March 13, 2018

to update the site.  There is no longer a tour and you have tour scrolling on the front page


by Richard March 8, 2018

Hear the song of womankind Carried 'til she ached Now she's taking her stand Says she's got the right to be Right beside and equal with every man It's time to stand up and be counted Amen

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