Wow! Live in 1989!

by dannyboy August 14, 2017

Never came across this before.  Amazing quality given how long ago it was.  Those shirts eh....! I grew up hearing Neil's music and 1989 was my first concert in Birmingham, UK, aged 9!  I always remember being amazed at the lazer bird flying around the huge ... Read more


by diamondfans2 August 14, 2017

For those who collect magazines that have articles on Neil, do not get the Town & Country from August, 2017. The article title, "Diamonds in the Rough" has nothing to do with Neil. Some guy has it on E-Bay claiming the article is about Neil. Do not bid on it!!! Jeff

A master craftsman in the art of writing : LA Forum review

by tristan August 12, 2017  

All-Time Greatest Hits continues to climb the Billboard 200

by skybirdusa2 August 11, 2017 Now up to 135 from 178 last week (35 weeks on the chart). Do you think the reason this GH compilation is selling like hotcakes compared to the others (including  50) is because it is the only one where Neil has a nice happy warm smile on the cover?The pictu... Read more

LA Forum review : excellent, as usual

by tristan August 11, 2017  

Phoenix review: Why do critics dislike the JLS segment?

by tristan August 11, 2017

I fell in love with Neil's music when JLS came out, thanks to my English teacher at the time. He despised pop/rock music, maybe with the exception of the Beatles, and had written a couple of classical composers' biographies. Yet, this man brought the album to our English class and was full of praise for JLS t... Read more

Testing Message Posting

by eydie August 10, 2017

Hope this message board is working properly now. Please reply if you can read this. Thank you.

San José review: anyone interested?

by tristan August 1, 2017  

IAIS Polls

by eydie July 31, 2017

If you have any polls you'd like to see posted on IAIS, please contact me at Thanks!

Periscope Not Working In San Jose

by tom_tagliente19 July 31, 2017

The concert tonight in San Jose apparently has a bad Wi-Fi signal. Hoping for Sacramento on Wednesday.

New Device Being Used to Periscope San Jose Show

by eydie July 30, 2017

Katie's buying a new device to film the ND concert in San Jose tonight. Bluetooth....with drone technology....which I think means movement around the arena during the show. That's what I'm hoping for anyway. We shall see!!!

the day has finally arrived

by linda-winkler July 30, 2017

thankfully with health issues stabilized, we are going to see Neil tonight and then next week on to Sacramento and hopefully the last show at the LA Forum.  Has anyone else seen the new Hyundai Sonata commercial with the guy belting out Sweet Caroline, it is a real hoot.  Will post photos after the show.  ... Read more

1 Floor Ticket For Sale Sacramento Aug 2

by jonik July 30, 2017


1 Floor Ticket For Sale Sacramento Aug 2

Only 1 floor ticket left that I personally bought at the Golden 1 Center Box Office last December. Read more

“Well, that was wonderful” (excellent reviews keep coming)

by tristan July 30, 2017  

Portland concert

by athomedad July 29, 2017

This concert was nothing short of amazing. I have been a fan of Neil Diamond and his music since 1969 and have been to 11 concerts. This was one of my favorites !!! His voice sounds great and he kept us on our feet all night. Thanks Neil !!!

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