UB40 are releasing their own “Red Red Wine”

by ryan June 28, 2017

http://www.laweekly.com/restaurants/ub40-is-selling-wine-red-red-wine-8368327 Interesting comment about Neil,  they want to send him a bottle. I think they should probably also send him a % of the profits...

40 Years Ago

by graham-uk June 26, 2017

Just realized that it was 40 YEARS AGO that I first saw Neil at London Palladium still best concert I have ever seen . Here I  am 40 YEARS  later eagerly waiting for the next show in Birmingham . Feel old !. How many artists can still get that response . Graham

Neil’s extra reggae verse for “Red Red Wine” on this tour

by skybirdusa2 June 24, 2017

I really dig it Mon! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ipnQmn-5P_8  

Set List perspectives

by neilrox June 23, 2017

Many on this board have commented on how tired  Neil's set lists have been, or that they are designed for the casual fan. Granted, there are people out there like Springsteen who change it up quite a bit from tour to tour and to a lesser extent night to night.  But I would note that a over a quarter of t... Read more

Bethel Woods Setlist – June 22

by mrqh June 23, 2017

The concert was great at Bethel Woods, NY.  The weather was beautiful, which helps being an outdoor arena (4500 covered seats and 10,000+ lawn seating).  The concert started at 8:24 with Neil coming on stage at 8:27.  The concert ended around 10:34. The setlist was similar to the NYC concerts, except ... Read more

Only one show reported in Billboard boxscore.

by melody-road June 22, 2017

Mohegan Sun. Almost sold out. 8400 seats sold. Gross of 791,000 dollars. One wonders where the rest of them are?

Seems Centre Management didn’t allow Katie to Periscope from MSG

by hot_april_nights June 21, 2017

Thus why we never saw either of the two shows. I guess we are pretty lucky to see what we already have and for what we are still going to see as this tour rolls on through Europe / UK. I'm still hopeful about New Zealand and Australia but I really feel that's its not going to happen now as we would've heard n... Read more

Review from Philly

by bev June 21, 2017


Have extra ticket – Bethel Woods – Thursday, June 22

by mrqh June 21, 2017

Hi - I bought two tickets to the concert but now nobody in my family can go.  I still plan to go but have an extra ticket - decent seats - section 15 row 1.   If you want to go too but nobody else is going, please let me know.  I'll be driving there from the Fishkill area.   Including Ticketmaster fees... Read more

Happy Fan at Mohegan – Pretty Funny

by dannyboy June 21, 2017

Came across this on youtube earlier, hadnt seen or heard about it previously. Pretty funny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p222ScHmb2Y https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xg9zVDZk_kM  

Interesting opening remarks about doing Stones live at MSG first night

by elvis June 21, 2017

Interesting remarks Neil makes before doing Stones at the first show of MSG as seen in the video below.  He suggests he never did it live after he released it but also that he feels closer to Katie when he does the song.  I really was hoping he would do it on the night I saw him on Saturday night at MSG but... Read more

Philadelphia Gathering

by lindamilwwi June 19, 2017

Is there a gathering before or after concert in Philly? Thanks. Linda Wieloch

What a superb photo at Madison Square Garden

by hot_april_nights June 18, 2017

That's an absolute cracker of a photo from MSG. I'm sure that will become many a ND fans wallpaper on their computer screens as it's just become mine.

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