Micky Dolenz wrote this about Neil Diamond as a Lifetime Achievement honoree

by Francisco Alfaro July 16, 2018

special byline: by MICKY DOLENZ (January 16, 2018) I first heard Neil Diamond’s “I’m A Believer” in mid-October 1966, when his producer, Jeff Barry, played it for me and the other Monkees, the phenomenal track that Barry had recently cut with Neil on acoustic guitar. Neil had alrea... Read more

Hell Yeah And The Best Funeral Songs

by sky bird June 26, 2018

Forbes Magazine picks Neil's Hell Yeah as one of the 10 best funeral songs calling it brilliant and rousing and comparing it to My Way. https://www.forbe Read more

Will HAN 3 be a television special as well?

by sky bird June 26, 2018

HAN NYC got some great ratings (16 Million viewers I believe)

Fighting Spam on the Site

by Eydie June 25, 2018

  • A captcha feature is being added to the message posting process to help keep 99% of the spam off this site. While it may be a little inconvenient to post, I feel the payoff is worth the cost.  Thank you for your patience. Please let me know if you have any questions.

I wish this were Hot August Night II instead of the real HAN II.

by Melody Road June 23, 2018

I loved the NYC show but it should not have been HAN. In my opinion "Hot August Night II" was a god awful scream fest. I did like a couple of the live versions but other than that it was terrible. As was "Live From America." Neil refound his live voice after missing for a few years in the early 2000's. To ... Read more

Hot August Night III Release Date

by Daniel June 21, 2018

Checking out Neil Diamond.com, it appears a 40th anniversary DVD and CD of Neil's 2012 performance at the Greek Theatre will be released on Aug. 18. It is being called Hot August Night III.

A nice reference to what gives people joy

by Richard June 20, 2018

Back in January, the weekend before starting this insane, beautiful 52 Places job, I got stuck in the Detroit airport for eight hours. A blizzard was raging, as was my mind, which kept wondering if this sort of airport misery was going to be a staple of the next year of my life. That’s when I heard the voic... Read more

Neil interviews outside the States 1976- 2000

by Kathleen Mosley June 19, 2018

Finished this page with a 1999 Australian interview... https://neildiamondlive.wordpress.com/neil-on-tv/neil-interviews-outside-the-usa-1976-2000/  

Short clip from last night

by Dannyboy June 15, 2018

https://etcanada.com/video/1256557635988/neil-diamond-returns-to-the-stage Thankfully he is looking and sounding great

Neil at Songwriter’s Hall of Fame

by Bev Lawrence June 15, 2018

Lots of photos of Neil tonight at Zimbio.com and Getty images (select last 24 hours) He looks good! So good to see some recent pics!

Positive news from Neil in this recent interview in Billboard Magazine

by better days June 14, 2018


Chris Jago… a memory from recent past and Neil Diamond

by Francisco Alfaro June 5, 2018

Chis Jago... from Liverpool & having played in a variety of bands, Broadway musicals and touring with Neil Diamond and his incredible band... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FC4airSfZUw

Chris Jago… a memory from the recent past

by Francisco Alfaro June 5, 2018

From Liverpool & having played in a variety of bands, Broadway musicals and touring with Neil Diamond and his incredible band http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FC4airSfZUw

Neil Diamond and a statement of Russ Regan death

by Francisco Alfaro June 5, 2018

“Russ Regan was there for me from the beginning at UNI Records and he knew a hit record when he heard it; ’Sweet Caroline’, ‘Cracklin’ Rosie’, ‘I Am.. I Said’ and ‘Holly Holy’ are just a few of the hits Russ released during my time there. Russ was always on the artist’s side and would co... Read more

50th Anniversary Tour Book

by kirk May 23, 2018

I am surprised that Neil did not include pictures of his past band members, which a lot of them had been with him for over 25 plus years. I would have liked to see all of his band members from the start.

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