by neilfans2 December 14, 2018

Just found that Sondra Locke who recorded Neil's, "I Seek The Night" on Elektra Records passed away on November 3rd.  She passed from cardiac arrest brought on from lung & bone cancer.  She was 74 years old.

Bill ... Read more

NBC Series

by Jean Scigliano December 9, 2018

There's a show on NBC called The More You Know - The Champion Within. Saw this episode and found it very interesting.

December 8th week off Billboard’s Top 200 LP’s

by neilfans2 December 6, 2018


Did you get to see the Billboard's Top Lp 200 chart week starting Dec. 8th?  They still show Dec. 1st at as of today.  It should have been changed by now. Unless there's a glitch somewhere.  All the other important charts show Dec. 8th. Thank... Read more

50th Anniversary Collector’s Box 6CD Set

by cooke December 6, 2018

A shout out for the new box set. Mine arrived today and, whilst I've not played any of it, I'm bowled over by the packaging. I was not expecting such an exquisitely printed hardback volume with full, larger than A4 pages, wonderful images and fresh, informative text. It really is befitting the artist thi... Read more

“Long Nights Hold On” about him losing his father.

by Melody Road December 5, 2018

Originally it was supposed to be on an album called “Story of My Life.” Which Neil was to dedicate to his father. CBS - Sony rejected it like they did with the first “Primitive” album. What  interesting to me is that up until that time Neil had a long run of platinum albums. Then when the record c... Read more

A very long review of the new box set

by Luc Timperman December 4, 2018  

New unreleased songs.

by Melody Road December 4, 2018

I really like most of them. I had heard “Don’t Seem Likely” and “Long Nights Hold On” in demos. The completed versions are MUCH better. Why CBS rejected these songs is a mystery. I love “Before I Had a Dime” should have been on “Tennessee Moon.” “Easy (To Be in Love) is great but sounds... Read more

Some good songs in the new box

by Luc Timperman November 30, 2018

Except for Caribbean Cruise, which sounds sloppy, but I'm so disappointed with the shortness of the demos.


by neilfans2 November 29, 2018

Does anybody have Neil's appearances on the Merv Griffin shows  from early 1968 doing, Stranger in Paradise, Jenny Rebecca and Softly As I Leave You? Jeff

“Moonlight Rider” is prettry bad IMO

by Melody Road November 27, 2018

There are some good unreleased songs from that period. Why he gave us "Moonlight Rider" I'll never know. It's a terrible song. Neil doing a polka song is a bit much!!   Why not "Long Nights Hold On?" "I'm Saying I'm Sorry and then I'm Saying Goodnight?" "Positive Vibes?"

The Ballad Of Saving Silverman / Forever In Blue Jeans / Moonlight Rider / Sunflower (Single)

by sky bird November 25, 2018 Listening to Neil's new 4-song single on Spotify now.It is great to hear "new" songs even if they are old ones!

Finally saw the PBS Hot August Night III PBS special

by IronyAbounds November 25, 2018

Watching the 2012 concert it is clear how much Parkinson's was getting to Neil by his last tour. It's not just the beard that made Neil seem much older, his movement clearly was hampered by the time 2016 came around. It is obvious that Neil made the right decision regarding retiring from touring. Hopefully a ... Read more

I saw Neil at the Denver airport two weeks ago.

by Melody Road November 24, 2018

If not he has a body double. The same lady that was in the picture with him in the recent LAX photo was with him along with some others. I am 98 percent sure it was him. Even the same hat. The eyebrows were the dead giveaway. It was in an airport grill. He was sitting there. I looked at him, he looked at me l... Read more

The Ballad Of Saving Silverman – What do ya think?

by sky bird November 23, 2018 My opinion-The lyrics are too literal but melody so catchy

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