ND Op-Ed

by Eric October 19, 2018

I just found this op-ed by Neil that ran in the LA Times last month. Incidentally, the Music Modernization Act was signed into law by President Trump on October 11. http://www.latimes.com/opinion/op-ed/la-oe-diamond-music-modernization-act-20180917-story.html

Nice to finally hear “Sunflower.” Song better fits Glen C’s voice. IMO

by Melody Road October 16, 2018

Neil's version is good but Glenn's is better. Neil made a wise decision letting Glen release it. Some really good songwriting here.

Just what we need, another box set of the same songs.

by Melody Road October 16, 2018

Is anyone going to actually buy this all over again? How many more box sets of the same songs do we need? I will buy the previously unreleased stuff but that's it.

What was Capitol Records Thinking?

by neilfans2 October 15, 2018

With the soon-to- be released, "The Collectors Edition-6CD box set at the end of November. Who needs another one!!!  Nothing is new except for the 2 demos, live version of Baby Can I Hold You, and the anticipated un... Read more

Some things about 2018 Grammy Salute to Music Legends

by Francisco Alfaro October 7, 2018

Yolanda Adams & Holly Holy http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDMu-RPerjk   Intro http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTiUKb2vWcA   Videoclip: Neil & Micky Dolenz Duet -... Read more

One More Bite Of The Apple live

by Luc Timperman October 7, 2018

I was lucky to see and hear Neil perform One More Bite Of The Apple live in 2008, in Rotterdam and Antwerp:  http://youtu.be/cLxAV6rmGQs It was the opening tune of that tour, at least in the first couple of shows. I think he also did it in Köln, but... Read more

Really enjoyed the PBS GP GRAMMY Event. Neil looked and sounded Great !!

by James Salava October 6, 2018

It was so heart warming to see him singing and walking around the stage again. He looked so relaxed and actually smiling. I believe someone said the show was being repeated the 6th and 7th so if you missed it you can still check it out. They did a good job presenting him and his career. Tune in to check o... Read more

Neil’s greatest NON HITS Pt 1.

by Melody Road October 3, 2018

To all of us serious fans we know Neil has many great songs that were not hits on the radio. In fact, I think this is what separates the serious fan with the casual. Here are a few I would rate.   1- "Hell Yeah" Live version.  "I Am I Said" asks the question, "Hell Yeah" gives the answer. Neil's g... Read more

What is it with Neil’s Fans

by Hot_April_Nights October 1, 2018

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that since Neil's statement of diagnosis that all his fans have jumped right off.   This board used to be a buzzing with discussion on a daily basis about anything Neil related but now there's nothing more than .......................crickets.   L... Read more

Don’t you just love it when Neil singing “Cracklin’ Rosie” suddenly appears on a TV program when least expected?

by Linda Mitchell September 29, 2018

Yup!  Program was Young Sheldon on Thursday evening, September 27th.  Put a huge smile on my face. Thank you Mr. D.  

how well did the Hot August Night 3 broadcast do?

by better days September 25, 2018

I wonder how it rated? Looking on social media seemed like a lot of people were reacting positively to it. HAN NYC got an audience of 13 million does anyone know what the ratings were for HAN3?

HAN 3 Premiere on PBS Saturday 9/22/18

by luvzneil1959 September 21, 2018

Check your local listings....for your PBS station.

Alternate HAN 3

by Hot_April_Nights September 20, 2018

This should've been the cover of HAN III

another infant critic with no clue

by better days September 20, 2018

https://woub.org/2018/09/19/woub-hd-to-broadcast-neil-diamond-hot-august-night-iii-sept-22/   I think they are confusing Hot August night with Love At The Greek.

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