Board Quiet

by neilfans2 October 2, 2019


Neil Diamond Radio on SiriusXM stops working???

by Dan August 27, 2019

For those who have the SiriusXm app, Neil Diamond Radio is one of my favorite channels to enjoy!  However noticed last night that it just stopped playing but still existed.  Now today is does not exist on the app anymore and nor is does the channel come up when you click on the link from google???  Sent a ... Read more

Neil Diamond Guitar

by LBTS August 12, 2019

I'm interested in buying a Neil Diamond guitar. If you have one available, drop me a message with your price to: prolix22407 "at" (no spaces and replace the "at" with the @ symbol).

“Sweet Caroline” a blessing and a curse.

by Melody Road August 8, 2019

While it was a great song it has been WAY overdone. I think since Katie Neil has even overdone it. Youg people and casual folks likely think this was the only song he ever did. In recent years whenever he did perform on television it's the only song he did. No doubt the Boston Red Sox made this song even b... Read more

great article about the musical

by better days August 2, 2019

This writer gets it.

Web Site

by Joan Digilio July 31, 2019

I did not know this site was still up - i had a had time trying to get it about 2 years ago.   Happy you are back!

“Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” Soundtrack…

by Songs Are Life July 26, 2019

I just love that as a songwriter Neil technically got 2 songs on there 😎🎶   Read more

Bruce Springsteen’s new album “Western Stars” is Grammy good. Reminds me of?

by Melody Road July 10, 2019

It's brilliant. It is a mix of Tennessee Moon, 12 Songs, and Home Before Dark.

From Billboard…

by Bev Lawrence July 1, 2019

playing sweet caroline at London stadium during Yankees/Red sox game

by Linda Winkler June 29, 2019

the whole stadium is singing along with the play back.  pretty cool.

“Brother Love” featured in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

by Trudy Ring June 28, 2019

Hearing it in the trailer made me very happy. Tarantino, whose movies are usually too violent for my taste, also used "Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon" in "Pulp Fiction," albeit the Urge Overkill cover. I did see that movie and, well, didn't love it. But I will see this one, as it looks really interesting, plus,... Read more

For those with a little too much spare cash

by Hot_April_Nights June 14, 2019

I've seen some silly priced stuff on eBay over the years but even this is a tad absurd.  I know that this release of HAN has been the holy grail for collectors of Australian stuff but anything over $300 ~ $500 is like pulling teeth. Hey for the price he's asking I'd be more than happy to part with 2 out of t... Read more

Neil’s Uni & MCA Masters May Have Been Lost in the Universal Fire in 2008

by stacia June 11, 2019

A harrowing article from The New York Times Magazine this morning about the 2008 Universal backlot fire. UMG (Universal Music Group) lost their entire vault of 150,000 masters in the fire and never made it public. Apparently some of Neil's masters were lost -- I'm assuming what UMG was storing in 2008 were th... Read more


by ndgem June 5, 2019

Is there any way to contact Neil .. at least .. to send a message w/o a hassle?

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