How Did This Get By Me?

by Eydie May 25, 2020

  • A clear vinyl double album has recently been released by Target. Not new material...just a unique packaging.   Anybody else heard about this?

Message Board Now Cleaned Up

by Eydie May 19, 2020

In the future, when you notice that the message board has been attacked by unknown entities, instead of slut-shaming me, like some folks did this past week, please email me and let me know.  I'll get right on it. Thank you.  Please.... Carry on...…..

Album on the way

by john plevack May 2, 2020

Neil PSA Washing Hands…

by plutopants March 22, 2020

  Watch Neil Diamond Transform 'Sweet Caroline' Into Coronavirus PSA  

New album

by Dannyboy March 9, 2020

During the interview at the weekend, Neil mentioned a new album is in the works.  Fingers crossed for more news soon. In the meantime, what do people hope for in terms of style and producer.  I loved the Rick rubin style albums.  Could we see another Rick and Neil collaboration? As an alternative I t... Read more

OMG!!!!! Neil performed for 30 minutes

by Dannyboy March 8, 2020

Wasn’t expecting that.  Neil did a mini concert tonight at the power of love gala.  Looking and sounding great. There are some videos circulating on Facebook set list: Hello Again, Cracking Rosie, love on the rocks, Blue Jeans, September Morn, I am I said, off stage. Encore, Sweet Caroline Some grea... Read more

From tonight’s Power of Love in Vegas

by Bev Lawrence March 8, 2020

I don’t know how to post photos on here, but Getty images has photos already. Go to Gettyimages and search for 2020 power of love, vegas. There are several nice photos of Neil.  

FOND Neil calendar landed in OZ!!!!!

by Aussie Gem February 11, 2020

Lovely casual pic of Neil on the new calendar, and a couple of stickers with it too!!!  :-)  Great to finally be able to take down the old one and still have Neil on my fridge!!!!


by Eydie February 3, 2020

I got it on good authority that the FOND calendars were mailed out Friday. We should be getting them soon!!

John McEnro talks Neil up at The Australian Open

by Hot_April_Nights January 31, 2020

During the 3rd set at tonight's Semi Final of the Australian Open in Melbourne we had a light rig failure so the sound people decided to play some music to entertain the crowd while they were trying to sort out the issue.   They picked none other than what's become a huge crowd pleaser at sporting ... Read more


by Joy Hancock January 26, 2020

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Neil.  All the best for your birthday.  I hope you have a wonderful 2020 Joy

What do yall think of Billy Ray Cyrus’s new version of “I Am… I Said”?

by sky bird January 25, 2020

Short clip on homepage  will be released on Friday (the 31st of January)

Happy birthday Neil from New Zealand

by Des January 24, 2020

Happy Birthday Des New Zealand

More pics

by Dannyboy January 22, 2020

Following on from the other thread, here are some more pics.  I don't think the previous one in black and white helped, but pleased Neil looks much better in these. Read more

Instagram Post From Becca Kotte, Who Seems to Be Working with Neil on the Musical, Photo Included

by Ginny Gnadt January 21, 2020

I'm glad to see Neil looking so well and that he's working on the new musical/biography.

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