by FRED SANDERS January 7, 2020

Highlight of Golden Globes and ads for Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is hearing Brother Love so often


by Alex January 3, 2020

There some news on

Keep Memory Alive to Honor Neil Diamond at 24th Annual Power of Love® Gala, March 7, 2020


Happy New Year Everybody!

by Songs Are Life January 1, 2020

Best wishes to everyone here.   I am so grateful for this site, this board, and being able to reach out and connect through such an awesome resource!   May you all find peace, love, success, and wellbeing in 2020! 🎊🌟🎉🙂❤️

Unreleased “Story of My Life” album

by Rich Given December 22, 2019

Does anyone have the track list (including sequence) for this unreleased album?

Is this site still relevent ?

by Hot_April_Nights December 19, 2019

Honestly, is this what it's come to ?   Ever since Neil's diagnosis this site has merely fallen over. I'm sure there's plenty to discuss and keep it alive or is this what Diamond Fans are really all about ? It seems that unless Neil is touring there's nothing to talk about at all and that's r... Read more


by neilfans2 December 12, 2019

If Neil was to release a CD of his early demoes and/or previously 
unreleased songs, what would be a great title for the CD?  
I came up with 3 of them.

1.  Neil's Rare and Uncut Diamonds
2.  Neil's Rare Diamonds
3.  Neil's Diamonds

...  Read more 

Happy Thanksgiving…

by Songs Are Life November 28, 2019

... to all who celebrate! 🦃   And if you don't, then happy Thursday, to everyone here 🙂🍂🍁🍃❤️   Best wishes to you and your loved ones!

I’ve never heard this song by Neil.

by Tom Sadge November 11, 2019


by neilfans2 November 5, 2019

Did everybody get there renewals today in their inbox? Sent ours in early this am. Hope there will be some surprises from ND in the coming year. BC  

Let’s Discuss The Jazz Singer

by plutopants November 2, 2019

This article gives a half-decent summary of the album accompanying the film which starred Neil. Neil Diamond And ‘The Jazz Singer’: Why Cinema’s Loss Was Music’s Gain Looking back, we have Neil the passable actor and his more lauded mu... Read more

Your favourite Neil Diamond ‘Deep Cut’.

by plutopants October 26, 2019

Thought it might be fun, while we await whatever Neil is inevitably working on, to invite people to post what you consider to be the most wonderful track of Neil’s in your mind. ’Deep Cut’ infers that we are looking past the obvious ‘hits’ and are on a quest for, perhaps, less known gems. There a... Read more


by Joan Digilio October 18, 2019

Was Neil at a song writers event recently. I thought it may have been on a FB post??  

Looking back on Neil’s career now that it appears at it’s end. 13 points.

by Melody Road October 17, 2019

To non fans and music critics Neil Diamond has always been an enigma. Is this guy in his words, "A rock person, or what the hell am I?" One wonders why artists have to be categorized. I mean, a good song is a good song. For example, no one discredits Bruce Springsteen because he sings a variety of stuff. The ... Read more

Board Quiet

by neilfans2 October 2, 2019


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