Feel Of Neil Diamond/Just For You on CD

by Holger Petersen March 9, 2019

The first two Neil Diamond albums "Feel Of Neil Diamond" and "Just for You" will be released on one CD. Read more

Woburn Abbey – Why was concert never released.

by Harald Kunstmann March 5, 2019

According to Wikipedia "He performed at Woburn Abbey on July 2, 1977, to an audience of 55,000 British fans. The concert and interviews were taped by film director Read more

Not Neil, here’s a good song.

by LBTS March 2, 2019

While we're waiting for new music from Neil, and I do hope for a lot more to come, here is one of the sweetest songs I've ever heard played on a guitar. There's quite a few covers of this song out on Youtube, but here's the original. You Will Be Forever... Read more

I’ve got a crazy idea.

by LBTS March 2, 2019

Okay fellow Neil Diamond fans, let me know if you think this is a good idea or not. Let's give Neil Diamond a wonderful experience, an experience he's never had before, and one that we've enjoyed all of our adult lives because of him. Here's what I propose. 1. One of the greatest experiences of our l... Read more


by alskardig February 17, 2019

Such a loss of such a beautiful woman.

Exciting news from Pollstar

by Rich Given February 17, 2019

...a generally reliable industry source of concert news   https://www.pollstar.com/Artist/neil-diamond-19149?tab=upcomingDates&page=0

Deepest Sympathies to Neil for the loss of his mother

by Dan February 15, 2019

It looks like on Twitter that Neil recently posted that he lost his mother.  I suppose it's hard especially if this occurred on Valentine's Day.  Interesting lyric quote by him on Twitter to describe his loss. Prayers to him and his whole family!

After seeing the play “Hamilton” it dawned on me that the Jazz Singer

by Melody Road February 11, 2019

Neil's movie version would work so much better as a musical on stage. They have taken movies like Legally Blonde, the Lion King, and others and made them musicals.

Neil Diamond discussed tonight on AXS TV 6:30 CST

by LBTS February 3, 2019

Neil's career will be discussed by leading music critics tonight (Superbowl Sunday) at 5:30 PM EST. Non-football fans can watch it live, the rest of need to tape it. And remember, Neil said that "LA's fine." GO RAMS!

Oh yeah, I Am I Said

by LBTS January 28, 2019

How did this one slip by me; with 4 million views I finally got lucky and tripped over it. I like this version.

Mikey Spice - I Am I Said - May 2017 (Reggae) Read more

ND Fencing video

by john plevack January 27, 2019

ND doing a fencing lesson on Mike Douglas from 1967.  Go to YouTube,  Neil Diamond fencing 1967...

Happy 78 Neil!

by Songs Are Life January 25, 2019

I hope you had a wonderful birthday, and that you and your loved ones are enjoying a great 2019!🎆   Thank you for all the joy, peace, and excitement you and your music have brought to so many lives for so many years  💖   May this year and all the year... Read more

Birthday wishes from New Zealand Neil

by Shona McLean January 25, 2019

We hope you have a wonderful day filled with lots of fun love and laughter. Thank you for the amazing last 50 years. The music and friendships forged through the love of you your band and your music.  

Happy birthday, Neil

by Gisela Germany January 24, 2019

Best wishes from Germany

Happy 78th Birthday Neil!!!

by Jean Scigliano January 24, 2019

Happy 78th Birthday Neil Diamond! Everyone has some type of vice and/or hobby, beginning Dec 1967 my one big vice has been Neil Diamond. The first attraction was his music and then came everything else...the concerts and traveling and all of the fun that came with that...the friends, many who have become life... Read more

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