by Joy Hancock January 24, 2019

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Neil.  I hope it won't bee too long before we hear some new music.  Have a lovely day

Radio special on Neil’s 50th anniversary

by Luc Timperman January 23, 2019

Very much worth listening to, with lots of music and Neil providing more insight into the songs: http://audioboom.com/posts/7149583-neil-diamond-50th-anniversary-special

home before dark

by Pat Williamson January 22, 2019

Will there be no more media appearances ?

by better days January 21, 2019

I was listening to the box set and it occurred to me that Neil hasn't done any media to promote it or Hot August Night 3. In the past he would have done the talk shows etc to promote a new album but now we've had two releases and no media. I'm not sure what to conclude from that, he looked in good shape at th... Read more

THE JAZZ SINGER’s 40th Anniversary

by Tom Tagliente January 12, 2019

Next year (2020) marks the 40th anniversary of the release of THE JAZZ SINGER in theaters across North America. How many would really like to see this film get a nice 4k restoration and transfer to Blu-ray in 7.1 DTS audio? I would also really like to see a remastered and expanded edition of THE JAZZ SINGE... Read more

Anyone have the 50th anniversary set and comments on the book?

by Dan January 11, 2019

I keep going back and forth on whether to just be content with listening to the new 50th anniversary set on Spotify or to buy the set for the book.  What do you think of it?  Is it better and more stories by Neil in comparison to say the In My Lifetime boxset? Thanks for all your insights.

HAN III DVD vs Blu-Ray Menue Instrumental Accompaniment

by Tom Tagliente January 11, 2019

Question, I bought the Blu-ray version of HOT AUGUST NIGHT III, and when the menu comes up, THANK THE LORD FOR THE NIGHT TIME comes up as an instrumental only version accompaniment from the concert. Is it used on the DVD menu, too? Or does the DVD have a different menu accompaniment? Tom

Jay White in Wausau, Wisconsin

by lindamilwwi January 7, 2019

Anyone else planning to go see Jay White in Wausau, WI on January 26th?

You Got to Me on 6 cd 50th Anniversary … Different version??

by Dan January 6, 2019

I know the songs from the Bang Sessions contain many takes and some of them are unique and rarely released.  I listened tonight on Spotify the 50th anniversary 6 cd set and You Got To Me really surprised me.  It clearly is a different take from the master version that has been released numerous times.  The... Read more

Happy New Year to anyone left here !

by Hot_April_Nights December 30, 2018

Lets hope that 2019 is much kinder to us all than what 2018 ever was.   2018 ???? I'm well and truly over it.

This is alskardig

by alskardig December 27, 2018

Has my account been compromised????

Who the heck is Kim Davis

by alskardig December 27, 2018

I am not Kim Davis and I have no idea how my latest post is listed under whoever Kim Davis is.

season greetings

by alskardig December 26, 2018

A little late, but wishing you and your loved ones the most blessed of holidays. 😊

The quietest Xnas I’ve ever seen on this Message Board

by Hot_April_Nights December 26, 2018

Merry Christmas to all for 2018

by Hot_April_Nights December 25, 2018

Hope you are all safe and well and have a great New Year, also let's see what good things 2019 brings to us.


by neilfans2 December 14, 2018

Just found that Sondra Locke who recorded Neil's, "I Seek The Night" on Elektra Records passed away on November 3rd.  She passed from cardiac arrest brought on from lung & bone cancer.  She was 74 years old.

Bill ... Read more

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