50 Bestselling Artists of All Time, ranked by platinum albums sold (Neil is in the Top 10!)

https://www.scmp.com/culture/music/article/2175637/top-50-bestselling-musical-artists-all-time-can-you-guess-who-are-top #8 Neil Diamond – 21 Platinum Albums,12 Multi Platinum Albums

Way ahead of peers like Billy Joel,Bruce Springsteen,Bob Dylan,Barry Manilow,etc



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  1. I guess it's no surprise......................................

    That Elvis and The Beatles are at number one and two respectively, but I find it amazing how many country artists are in the top 50 yet alone the top ten.

    Another thing to take into consideration is that many of these artists are no longer selling much these days, but are in this top 50 from what they’ve achieved in the past, which is pretty much why Neil is in the top ten. It’s all about his past achievements and not his present, but that’s what this list is all about I guess.


    1. True

      But if the list was based on Gold albums,Neil would be in the top 10 too as well based on the fact that he had a very long string of Gold albums including in the 2000’s.When many of the other artists have not had a Gold album in ages.

      Neil’s decline in albums sales started when he moved to Capitol a few years ago.Even Hot August Night NYC in 2009 was certified multi platinum,as well as The Essential Neil Diamond.




  2. Good Point Re the 2000's

    Agree about 2000’s Sky Bird, HBD gave Neil his first #1 on both sides of the Atlantic and 12 Songs, Dreams and Melody Road were all top 10 albums and All Time Greatest Hits certainly went Gold over here as did The Very Best Of (also Top 10 in the UK), plus of course the success of HAN NYC that you have already mentioned.

    It’s probably a little difficult to judge Neil’s Capitol output as (so far) it has only really rendered what I would call one proper new album in Melody Road.

    All Time Greatest Hits didn’t fare too badly coming so quickly on the back of The Very Best Of on Columbia, but the original Collection release did not really offer anything over and above what was already on All Time Greatest Hits and as a three disc set this was always going to struggle commercially. Acoustic Christmas was recorded on the back of the Melody Road sessions and with a plethora of Christmas albums already released then mainstream sales were never going to be huge, in fact I am surprised it did as well as it did, spending several weeks in the lower reaches of the chart and spawning an Adult Contempary Top 10 hit.

    Additionally, a six year old live collection (as excellent as it is) and the new expanded, beautifully presented Collection box set are again only going to really appeal to die hards rather than a wider audience.  Also the heavy duty, re mastered vinyl releases of Beautiful Noise, The Jazz Singer, BLTS and HAN, were very welcome additions and one hopes that Capitol might expand this initiative to cover past glories such as Tap Root, Moods, Serenade, Seagull etc.

    So the Capitol output so far has been a bit of a mish mash, but in a number of cases a quite welcome mish mash, at least for the Diamondheads. It does remain to be seen though if Neil has at least one more brand new project left in him, and I for one sincerely hope he does.



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