50th Anniversary Collector’s Box 6CD Set

A shout out for the new box set. Mine arrived today and, whilst I’ve not played any of it, I’m bowled over by the packaging.

I was not expecting such an exquisitely printed hardback volume with full, larger than A4 pages, wonderful images and fresh, informative text. It really is befitting the artist this time. It is very, very impressive in its look and feel. A huge upgrade from the previous 50th set of 3 disks. It is kind if an update (it says so) of the excellent In My Lifetime 3 disker but is so much more like a coffee table book.

Now… I have to brave trying those CDs… to see if their sound matches the quality of the packaging.

Honestly, I think anyone who gets the physical box set should be well-pleased. The previous box sets pale in comparison cosmetically. Wow.

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  1. It is a beautiful box

    I would have made some other song choices, but some of the unreleased tracks are really good. It Don’t Seem Likely and Long Nights  Hold On have some of the strongest choruses I’ve ever heard in a Neil Diamond song, and a song like Easy could have been on any regular album. I also love the country songs. Knowing that other previously unreleased songs are still on the shelves (Positive Vibes, Listen, I’m Your Man…), we can expect some beautiful noise in the future. And I’m confident Neil will be able to release at least one all-new studio album.



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