Be in 1992 on You Tube?

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I think I remember seeing “Be” from a 1992 show on You Tube, but I can’t find it now. Does anyone have a link?

I was fortunate enough to be at opening night at the Forum that year. Neil was especially energetic.  Some of my favorite performances ever were “Sweet LA Days (included on Stages)” “Headed for the Future”, “Holly Holy”, the amazing surprise of “Crunchy Granola” and then an especially powerful “Be” at that show.

Stay safe!

God bless.

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  1. Not quite sure about that..............

    Not quite sure about that as Neil kicked off his World Tour back then in Adelaide, Australia in April 1991 and was busy promoting the Lovescape Album, honestly I can’t remember how “Be” would’ve even fitted in back then, but then he released the “Live in America”2 disc  set around 1993 and that didn’t have “Be” on it and as such if he had done it then it would’ve appeared on that 2 disc set I’m sure as all that content came from that World Tour. It wasn’t until sometime later that Neil re-introduced the JLS set into his shows and that was around 2005 where he performed it in Adelaide and pretty much everywhere else during that tour along with “The Monkees” Look out Here comes Tomorrow” which he wrote and it made my year I recall as I thought I’d never hear him do it due to him never actually doing a studio recording of it.



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