“Brother Love” featured in “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

Hearing it in the trailer made me very happy. Tarantino, whose movies are usually too violent for my taste, also used “Girl, You’ll Be a Woman Soon” in “Pulp Fiction,” albeit the Urge Overkill cover. I did see that movie and, well, didn’t love it. But I will see this one, as it looks really interesting, plus, well, “Brother Love” (and not a cover!).

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  1. Looks quite good



    We’ll get it a bit later in Australia, August the 15th so we’re informed. Pretty blockbuster cast and also the late Luke Perry. (Dylan of Beverly Hills 90210 fame)


  2. The ads have just started airing in Australia


    The trailers have just started airing here in Australia and of course are much shorter than the full version as originally posted above by Trudy. (thanks Trudy)


    As such BLTSS features for most of the shortened version which is fantastic for all of us missing Neil’s current public exposure.


    Also great to see that Neil actually has 2 credits in this film, the other for “Kentucky Woman”, but it’s the Deep Purple version. That’s one more than any other artist in this film score I guess !





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