Bruce Springsteen’s new album “Western Stars” is Grammy good. Reminds me of?

It’s brilliant. It is a mix of Tennessee Moon, 12 Songs, and Home Before Dark.

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  1. To me it reminds me more of Neil's early 70's albums (From Stones to Serenade)

    The way sad folky songs get lifted by the orchestration to a dreamy another level.

    Ofcourse 12 Songs had that magic too,particularly “Evermore”.When I listen to Bruce’s “Chasing Wild Horses” or “Moonlight Motel” I get that feeling.



  2. I do wish that Neil would have expanded his lyrical palette to more story songs

    The stories in Western Stars are pretty amazing.

    Neil was a great storyteller too from his Uni years to Beautiful Noise.But since 1977,his #1 lyrical theme overwhelmingly became one on one songs about love and relationships.Like life outside

    being in and out of love with women doesn’t exist in his music.


  3. Western Stars.

    I also rate this album very highly. His voice on There Goes My Miracle, takes him to a new place vocally. I do think his voice is very Folky, the strings and horns on this album, uplift you, you get that Magnificent Seven and Big Country feel. Also the instrumental part of Galveston comes to mind. The songs are great. His song writing is getting better. Springsteen is a wonderful talent. I just love Western Stars.



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