Feel Of Neil Diamond/Just For You on CD

The first two Neil Diamond albums “Feel Of Neil Diamond” and “Just for You” will be released on one CD.

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  1. The Feel of ND & Just for You CD'S

    Just curious, where do you get this information from? It’s ridiculous, since Columbia/Legacy/Sony released The Bang Years CD way back in 2011. Hope it’s gonna be stereo this time except for the original version of Solitary Man.

    Bill and Jeff


  2. I think it's another Bodgey release


    and absolutely nothing to do with Neil at all as I’m sure if it did have anything to do with him that he would have the front cover showing “The Feel of Neil” album and not the “Just For You” artwork as his first cover is still his favourite as he’s said many times in interviews.


    Strangely there are so many unauthorised releases that originate from Asia and normally the sound quality is quite woeful.



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