Happy 20th Birthday To US…www.iaisnd.com

Twenty years ago today, May 4 1999, we launched www.iaisnd.com. Hard to believe that it’s been 20 years. The initial purpose of the site was to set up a message board so we could communicate with Iris Gerhardt while she was in Australia seeing Neil on tour. Little did we know that over the next few years it would grow into a site dedicated to Neil…everything Neil…biography, discography, interviews, video clips, list of concerts dates going back to the mid 60’s and much more…too much to list. In it’s day it if you wanted to know anything about Neil or wanted to communicate with other Neil fans it was the place to go. Of course that was long before all of the social media sites of today. For a lot of you reading I’m sure you will remember the old “Green” board. The site was revamped a few times over the years with the most recent being approximately 5 years ago. Even today if you want to know anything about Neil you will more than likely be able to find it there but I will be the first to admit, it’s seen it’s better days. Some areas of the site need work again and maybe at some point that will happen.

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  1. Happy Birthday I A I S!!!!!!

    Wow – hard to believe it’s 20 years already!!!  Yep – I remember it all – what great times we’ve all had talking about Neil here.  Thank you ladies for all you’ve done for us…..


  2. Happy Birthday IAIS

    While Social Media and Neil’s retirement from touring has impacted on the traffic here, this site, in all its incarnations, has been an invaluable source for so many of us.

    I go back as far as the old Sony board and have been in awe of all that you guys have done over the years in keeping this happy ship afloat.

    Thank you for all your hard work over the years.  We have been blessed, as a community of fans, to have had you looking after us for so long.  You are amazing.



  3. Happy Birthday!

    20 years … a full generation … wow!

    I remember the Sony board from back in the day …. sorry to say this, but it’s the truth … the ‘old’ days were the best.  Lots of activity, spirited conversations, great Neil musical ‘dissections’ with some very knowledgeable people.  It was fun and, at times, controversial, but never boring.

    Not the same with all the iterations & changes … but I am grateful for the wonderful Neil memories made and experienced here.





  4. Happy Birthday!


    This site means so much to so many people.  There is nothing like it anywhere, and no social media platform could ever compare to the wonder of this place.  Thank you three so much for bringing it to life, and keeping it around so long!


    Thanks as well to everyone who has contributed to the treasure trove of content found here, and that includes the message board for sure 😎


    Going forward, I believe this site will play a major role in fostering and preserving a record of Neil’s awesomeness and the importance of all his work; he may have an official site, but IAISND offers another perspective, and is such a rich resource.


    I cannot imagine the internet without IAISND!  I truly hope there is a way to keep it active and going another 20+ years 💗


  5. Thank you Ladies, you're a class act!

    I have been on this board since the beginning, lots of fun chats and great information.  You were also here for some good times and bad in my life.  Glad it’s still here and although it’s not the same checking it for the next tour dates, it’s great to know the more things change, the more they stay the same.  Health and happiness to everyone!



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