Happy New Year Everybody!

Best wishes to everyone here.


I am so grateful for this site, this board, and being able to reach out and connect through such an awesome resource!


May you all find peace, love, success, and wellbeing in 2020!


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  1. Happy New Year everyone and to Neil Diamond Family.

    Tom Sadge your post immediately brought back great memories.

    In Pittsburg ?    2001 or 2 when Ken or Keith ( I hope I got his first name right) organized a fan dinner inside the igloo ctr.  I remember those days like they were yesterday. I was seated next to you and did not know who you where. A few of us after the concert were at the same Hotel that  Neil and the Band were staying at.  I remember Tom Hensley, Hadley Hockensmith and I know one other band member, but my memory escapes me at this minute, were in a lounge area like someone’s living room. They all took pictures with everyone and Hadley and you, Tom were entertaining everyone. You all were singing and joking. What a Great Evening and memory. Next morning we saw Neil and the Band get in their Bus and we journied to Penn State for the next Neil concert. Those were the Good Old Days.  I appreciated your kindness Tom. Hope you and your family are doing well.  May everyone have a Healthy and Safe New Year and may we be blessed knowing that Neil Diamond and his family are Healthy and enjoying life.


  2. Kirk Filabon,

    Hi James,

    Yes time fly’s by to quickly.

    It was Kirk Filabon who was one of the organizers of the dinner, I’m sure I spelled his name wrong.

    We had a wonderful weekend, I remember it all, What great people and fun we had.

    Wish we could relive it.

    Thank you for remembering me.

    Happy New Year,




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