How Did This Get By Me?

  • A clear vinyl double album has recently been released by Target. Not new material…just a unique packaging.   Anybody else heard about this?
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  1. This is merely for collectors



    and nothing more as coloured vinyl has never performed well sonically, just ask anyone that’s bought a picture disc or similar. I used to buy all this stuff but have given up some time ago as how many of the same does one need.


  2. thanks for sharing this

    I was super pumped to see a compilation vinyl of Neil finally released.  It’s been awhile since Neil’s released some vinyl.  I think the last one was Acoustic Christmas.  I’m a big vinyl fan so this is pretty awesome!  I wish they would release a vinyl of like HAN 3 show which would be amazing to hear!  Anyway I did get this and to be honest I think it sounds awesome.  I have to ask Hot April Nights about what she has read about color vinyl.  I know there is talk that it can deter some of the sound like you mentioned but I have to be honest I have bought several clear vinyls including Elton John’s RSD Live in Moscow show and it sounded outstanding on my player and headphones.  I’m listening to the Neil one right now specifically “Hello Again” through my headphones and really pleased.  I’m assuming it’s been digitally remastered compared to the vinyls I have of his from the 1970s.  I’m not saying you have to buy it but I wouldn’t want you to miss out on it just because it’s clear vinyl.  I’ll admit it is a repeat of many things already issued but if you love vinyl like me, this is an awesome collection to finally have on one vinyl.  Just my two cents! BTW Hot April Night this article supports some of your points about clear vinyl but also says vinyl is made differently compared to picture discs in the past:



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