How long has Neil been on Spotify for ??

I can’t believe how much Neil stuff there is on Spotify. All the expensive hard to get stuff is there now along with quite a few rarities as well.

The audio from the TYAC is there (Live in Australia 1976), even the 50th Anniversary Collectors Edition is there plus every studio album apart from the Bang albums, but they are all cover with the Bang recordings Album.

Even the Neil & Jack singles are there…….wow !

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  1. TYAC

    It’s under the title of “Live in Sydney”. It’s the full audio without any tracks deleted as from what I can see, as the DVD had a few tracks cut from it if I recall correctly.

    I wonder who actually decides on what goes on Spotify as there seems to be quite a few Bootlegs on there from many other artists which are not bonafide record company releases.


  2. Sorry it's titled "Live in Australia 76"

    and then it has “Sydney Australia March 9th 1976” next to the above title.

    It has some generic type of artwork and NOT the DVD artwork for the cover picture.


    It’s the next album underneath “Beautiful Noise”


    Make sure you type in Neil Diamond in the top search bar facility and click on the “Neil Diamond Artist” picture. This way it will put up everything Neil and not just selected stuff.


  3. It's definitely there

    as I went in straight before I responded in my last post and there it is. I’ve just gone in again and it’s definitely there.

    Are you clicking “Top Result” Neil Diamond Artist as you have to click on Neils actual Name.

    Then scroll down until you get past all the Newest release and then you’ll arrive at “Albums”


    Just continue to scroll and it will keep loading more and more stuff as you are at the bottom of the list. Works just like Facebook loading as you scroll down and believe me I’m no Facebook person.


  4. No...

    I click the picture,  goes to singles, albums, etc.  I click discography for for list of albums, not there.  I am currently in another’s country, so maybe that is changing things…

    Not sure what I’m doing wrong, all the other items you list I’ve found.


  5. Hope this describes it better

    When you put Neil Diamond in the main search it will come up with “Top Result” and this shows a photo of Neil in a Black shirt. Under that photo is Neil’s name, “Neil Diamond” which you need to click “on his actual name” and NOT his photo. This should then come up with the full amount of Diamond stuff that’s on Spotify. I wouldn’t think that there are any Location restrictions with Neil.


  6. No luck...I see everything else

    I have a thought, could you create a playlist with just that and call it “ND 1976”. I saw my playlist comes up in the search… “ND”. Thanks.



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