Is this site still relevent ?

Honestly, is this what it’s come to ?


Ever since Neil’s diagnosis this site has merely fallen over.

I’m sure there’s plenty to discuss and keep it alive or is this what Diamond Fans are really all about ?

It seems that unless Neil is touring there’s nothing to talk about at all and that’s really sad.


The King has been gone for 42 years now and there’s still plenty being talked about him on various sites dedicated to him.


People !  Our guy is still with us but all his fans seem to have gone silent………….What gives ???

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  1. Facebook

    I have recently looked at two Facebook sites dedicated to ND.  They are very active.  I think it is a sign of the technology times that this site has slowed down, not a lack of interest in ND.  And this is not a criticism of the founders/moderators, as they have done an outstanding job for 20 years…especially weeding the whack jobs that can destroy a forum…aka the Sony forum.


  2. Man I hate Facebook !

    Honestly it has destroyed so many lives and made so many so rich at the expense of other people’s misery.

    The amount of young people that have taken their own lives is all attributed to the Facebook’ style of social media.

    Give me proper moderated Forum sites anyday where things can be correctly policed and kept under control, where as  on the Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat along with FB you can post up any hurtful garbage.

    Sadly it was “MySpace” that started all this up years ago and the Juggernaut has continued to grow.

    So I guess I go back to the original statement, is this site still relevant ?


    Probably not as it no longer has any contributors left now does it ?


  3. This site

    Nothing has been updated here.  The new owners have not done anything  to it.. I believe the last thing of data shown is 2011 or 2012.

    On another note, Neil hasn’t tweeted since July 10th.  he usually tweets now to wish everybody  “Happy Hoildays  and a New Year’. As of this date, no new tweets!!   Strange isn’t it!!!




  4. I’m Still Here

    There’s more to this site than the message board. Have you checked out DIAMOND DIARIES?  Plenty of good reading there. I’m getting ready to check out the lyrics to Dry Your Eyes in the LYRICS page. 🙂


  5. Gentle Discussion

    I know what you mean. It’s quiet.

    I don’t do Facebook either – hate that rabbit hole.

    As Eydie suggests, those of us still hanging around can delve deeper into the parts of the website for lyrics, info etc.

    The odd discussion of albums from Neil’s legacy as well could be useful also as there are lurkers here whose knowledge can be deep.

    Best wishes – As Ringo says: Peace and Love.



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