I’ve got a crazy idea.

Okay fellow Neil Diamond fans, let me know if you think this is a good idea or not.

Let’s give Neil Diamond a wonderful experience, an experience he’s never had before, and one that we’ve enjoyed all of our adult lives because of him.

Here’s what I propose.

1. One of the greatest experiences of our lives has been singing in the crowd at a Neil Diamond concert. Standing, singing, swaying and dancing along with Neil, have always been the hallmarks of every song at every concert Neil Diamond has ever performed at. I for one can never thank Neil enough for all of those wonderful evenings of full-participation concerts he delivered to us.

2. Neil lives in Colorado, at least part of the time I believe

3. Let’s buy Neil and Katie a front row seat to the Jay White tribute show at Red Rock, and those of us who can, can join him there in the concert crowd. Finally Neil would get to enjoy a full show of his songs without any responsibility. He can just sit there, scream his lungs off as much or as little as he wants just like the rest of us have been doing all these years, and finally experience the magical delight that attending a “Neil Diamond” concert fills you with.

The concert date is July 23rd.

What do you think guys and girls, stupid idea or not? Go ahead, hit me with your slings and arrows.

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  1. Small vote, but heard.

    Oh, well. Just thought it might be cool if Neil got to experience some of the pure joy we’ve all experienced at a concert stock full of Neil Diamond songs, and without any of the responsibilities for leading the show.

    I might go anyway. Red Rock in the middle of July; I can think of worse things to do.



  2. nice idea but I think that would be a difficult experience for Neil

    Not being able to tour anymore and watching someone impersonate him from the audience would be a bit strange and I imagine uncomfortable experience. I remember reading an interview with him where he said impersonators made him self conscious – (I think it was in Q magazine from memory)

    When I first heard about Red Rocks I thought it was Neil performing as it was close to his house.


  3. I don't know how he'd feel about it...

    It’s hard to say. I know Neil has said good things about Jay White’s performances, but I don’t know if a situation like this would make him feel good or bad.  It might be difficult to watch someone doing what he can’t do and it might feel like we are invading his neighborhood. On the other hand, I’m sure he’d appreciate the show of support.


  4. Thursday update...

    I’m working on this but got tied up on business the last few days, so sorry for the delay in reporting.
    I haven’t heard back from FOND. Not sure if anyone is still at the store, so to speak, so maybe my idea will end by FOND ghosting me, purposely or not. There seems to be a lot of that going on these days.
    It was good to hear from some more fans about this thought. The whole idea was to have Neil enjoy a little bit of the same experience we’ve all felt being out there in his audience all those years.
    Some of you seem to think Neil wouldn’t be able to handle sitting amongst us. Sheesh people, that made me laugh. As a fellow New Yorker I can unhesitatingly say that I’m pretty sure Neil’s encountered far worse than our Motley Crew just riding the subway when he was growing up, and I believe he described that as being a Beautiful Noise.
    Besides, the idea was always that Neil wouldn’t be there to perform in any way, shape, or form. He’d simply be there to enjoy the show in his own style, just like we’ve all had the pleasure of doing all these years.
    In the meantime I’m checking out the hotels in the area and planning to be there. The best places seem to be up in Golden, but that’s 2 hours away, so we’ll probably end up having to Holiday Blues it a bit closer than that. We’re going to see Jay and have a great time singing Neil Diamond tunes on July 23rd. Hope it doesn’t rain!


  5. I like it but...

    Don’t know if Neil would like sitting in a crowd of his fans considering he has bodyguards when he does his own concerts.  Not that he doesn’t go out to movies or ball games or whatever but he probably tries to not be recognized, and maybe in LA people don’t care so much because there are a lot of celebrities, but this crowd would sure recognize him.

    Personally, I’d love to go, but would Neil?



  6. Starry skies...

    No word from FOND, but I believe in happy endings, and I want to experience a concert at Red Rock.

    Hope I see some of you all there under Colorado’s starry skies!




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