John McEnro talks Neil up at The Australian Open

During the 3rd set at tonight’s Semi Final of the Australian Open in Melbourne we had a light rig failure so the sound people decided to play some music to entertain the crowd while they were trying to sort out the issue.


They picked none other than what’s become a huge crowd pleaser at sporting venues here in Australia and that being Neil’s “Sweet Caroline”.


During the song John decided t0 praise Neil up and spoke at length about how Neil was performing here in Australia and had to interrupt his concert schedule to fly back for the induction ceremony and then he went on to tell how many felt  Neil was never a favourite in the Rock circles and was considered more of a Pop artist (I agree) He then went on to say how Neil let the crowd attending have a serve which we’ve all seen that video clip of it. How does John know all this you ask ? he was there in the crowd at the ceremony.


Honestly I think John’s a bit of a closet Neil Fan from the way he spoke so fondly of him.

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  1. Just a follow up..................



    Well Dominic Thiem won the Second Semi-Final and as is customary an on court interview is always done. This time it was John McEnroe that did it and he asked Dominic whether the rendition of Sweet Caroline got him in the mood to play better after the light rig failure ? he responded that it certainly did as apparently Sweet Caroline is played a lot on the ski slopes of Austria where he skis during the winter season.


    So Neil got some worldwide broadcasted love from both John and also Dominic Thiem.


    PS. I just watched that Rock n Roll Hall of Fame speech again and couldn’t stop laughing, it brings back memories of that 2011 Australian Tour.



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