Live at the Greek


Do you think there is any chance that Neil may ever release the entire concert (audio or dvd)?


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  1. If it's Love at the Greek..............................


    Never ! it will always stay as it is. Once something has been officially released they will never go and bring out a second version.


    Anyway every Live Diamond concert has never been released in it’s entirety as they will always be edited to make it a tighter and slicker production than what actually happened. Love at the Greek would have to be one of the crudest editing jobs ever done on any live concert. Over the years I’ve been able to pick each edit point and that’s rather shocking I feel.


  2. LATG reissue possibilities

    It’s certainly not accurate to say ‘once something has been officially released they will never go back and bring out a second version.’  In fact, record companies bring our expanded versions of albums All The Time.  Case in point…Hot August Night.  An expanded version of LATG is an excellent idea and would not be the least bit surprising…most likely tied to a significant milestone (like the 50th annniversary…in 2026).


  3. Expanded yes but........................


    Definitely not a full concert.


    As you point out about HAN, this has just had a few extra songs added to try and boost up some sales and none of it as it appears on that album is how it was ever done on any of the nights which that concert series ran for.

    If you listen to the sounds on the extra added tracks it’s all over the place and the band intros were always just before Cracklin’ Rosie and not as they appear tacked on the end of the first disc.

    As the OP suggested will Neil every release the “entire” concert, the simple answer is no.

    Maybe an added track or so but then again Love at the Greek was never anything as big as HAN ever was and thus I can’t see Capitol doing anything with it. Just take into consideration how little they do with any of Neil’s stuff in the first place.

    And we thought CBS were bad !





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