“Long Nights Hold On” about him losing his father.

Originally it was supposed to be on an album called “Story of My Life.” Which Neil was to dedicate to his father. CBS – Sony rejected it like they did with the first “Primitive” album.

What  interesting to me is that up until that time Neil had a long run of platinum albums. Then when the record company started interfering his sales dropped dramatically in the early to late 80 s. One wonders what might have been had ND possessed the total support of his label? Starting with “Primitive” and through the early 90 s Neil s albums were not being promoted by the label. Often fans didn’t even know he had new stuff out there.

Neil was not completely blameless He had agreed to release “Live at the Forum” off of his then record setting 7 night run there in 1983. Sony was set to make it their big Christmas release in 83. At the last minute he pulled the plug. Instead he gave them the less commercial “Primitive.” He totally angered the CEO of Sony. It all resulted in a lawsuit that had no winner.

I really think this was the only time Neil made some poor career choices. At the time “Live at the Forum” would have been a smash.

This was also the time when MTV and VH1 emerged and it all became about music videos. Neil only started doing videos with “Headed to the s Future.” It’s also about the same time Neil was thrown off of top 40 radio.

Im so glad we are finally getting the finished versions of these songs. Now if we could only have “Positive Vibes.” It’s supposed to be the very best song he has in the vault.




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  1. Neil should have released this beautiful song as a B-Side

    We all know that Walt Yetnikoff was a royal pain in Neil’s backside in those days.But Neil could have done what was so common for other artist-release a great unreleased song as a b-side.To one of the HFTF or HAN2 singles perhaps.




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