Message Board Now Cleaned Up

In the future, when you notice that the message board has been attacked by unknown entities, instead of slut-shaming me, like some folks did this past week, please email me and let me know.  I’ll get right on it.

Thank you.  Please…. Carry on……..

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  1. I wouldn't call it ......SLUT_SHAMING !

    and yes I wrote directly to you nearly 2 weeks ago, so much for getting right on it.



    Doesn’t anyone from an ownership point of view monitor this site any more ? Probably not, I know if it was mine I would be right on it, so stop throwing stones Eydie.


  2. You Wrote Me?

    I’ve always responded to you in a very timely manner. Always! I received NOTHING from you. I’m shocked that you think I would ignore email from ANYBODY regarding this site.

    And I certainly felt slut-shamed…as I do now! I really feel like shutting this place down. Where’s the humanity? Did this coronavirus sweep it away?


  3. I wrote to you via................

    The contact tab of this site, it went to your direct email which I’ve always used, thus why I felt it was ignored.

    It went to your “kywoman410” address that’s still current as far as I know. I still have it here in my sent folder.

    Also slut shaming is gender orientated and there has been nothing about gender spoken here at all so I find that somewhat offensive if anyone’s going to get their nose out of joint.


  4. Hard to Believe

    ….that anybody would think I’d leave stuff like that up on this message board. I’ll get over it but at the moment I’m devastated and hurt. Welcome to the new world, I guess.



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