Neil Diamond Radio on SiriusXM stops working???

For those who have the SiriusXm app, Neil Diamond Radio is one of my favorite channels to enjoy!  However noticed last night that it just stopped playing but still existed.  Now today is does not exist on the app anymore and nor is does the channel come up when you click on the link from google???  Sent a message to Siriusxm about it and for those who have  a subscription you may want to as well to bring it back! 🙁

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  1. ND on SirrusXM

    Just checked out their lineups, Neil’s not listed anywhere.  Shocked!!! Maybe their gonna bring it back later on. I’m “assuming” they dropped it because Neil is not selling CD’s as much as before & not being played on Adult Contemporary radio anymore.



  2. Sadly....................


    Within the industry Neil is seen as a bit of a joke and not a serious artist. I guess songs like Sweet Caroline certainly haven’t helped his cause but without a doubt have made a bucket load of money over the years.


    I still feel that Barbara and Burt Bacharach were predominantly the cause of this attitude by industry insiders.


    Like I’ve always said Money talks and BS walks.


  3. Sadly - Not So Fast

    Speak for yourself Hot April Nights.  You’ve been on this board forever and now appear to say “Within the industry Neil is seen as a bit of a joke….”   Really?  Are you an industry insider?  Quote your sources please.

    While you’re searching, here’s a few who do not fall within your bogus spectrum:  Rick Rubin and Quentin Tarantino.  How about  admirers Elton John, Jack Nicholson, Robbie Robertson, and Bob Dylan. All of whom have worked and/or spent time with Neil.

    You’ve purported to be a fan of Neil for a long time now, so why come to this board and post such negative drivel at a time when Neil is retired and garners many good wishes from this (his) most unique community?

    If you have so much time on your hands and feel compelled to post as often as you do, by all means offer facts, but please,  not random thoughts disguised as fact(s) that you think people will buy as coming from some authority – which you most assuredly are not.

    Please organize your facts and state opinions as such.

    Chicago Mark


  4. Ok Mark....................


    When you’ve worked within the Radio and Record industry as long as I have, then come and have another crack.


    Stating names like you have gives absolutely no credit to what I’m saying. Those are personal friends and colleagues of Neil’s and not the industry that works on promoting artists like Radio stations are involved in. Rubin only gets credit for working with Johnny Cash and never Diamond, go figure that one out ???? and then ask WHY ?? Tell me why so many Radio Stations refuse to play Diamond music apart from a very small select few that are easy listening stations and they only play a small selection of the most common tracks that we have all heard a squillion tmes ?

    Within the industry I’ve been known as a Diamond fan and have continually been ridiculed for it and if that doesn’t say what I’m saying then you’re just talking from a starry eyed fans point of view as any fan would naturally do and for that I don’t hold it against you.

    In the greater scheme of things starry eyed fans are taken no notice of apart from having their money taken hand over fist.


  5. Oh !!!!

    And don’t even mention Dylan as a friend as you look so silly saying that buddy, have you ever watched “The Last Waltz” and know the background behind Diamond and Dylan ??


    Ask why did the crowd basically boo Diamond when he walked on stage and also what a particular patron screamed out from the audience, which I won’t repeat on this site. So they all loved Neil in disguise to ?


    Now you ask why am I a Diamond fan, that’s easy……….Personally I like Neil’s music, but I’ve learnt to keep that to myself and not spread it around the people that I’ve worked with over the years and are also the workings behind the scenes of promoting artists. Those people just have absolutely no interest in Neil and the sooner Neil’s fans learn that the better their own lives will be. It’s sadly the way it is out there and not in our own little world the way us Diamond fans see it.


  6. I don't think it is that bad.

    This is a nice article on Sweet Caroline ( I certainly don’t believe this song makes Neil a joke. All artists dream of having hit songs like this, that are known around the world. This is what the music industry is built on.  I agree that critics haven’t always been on his side, but what do they know? Music is a personal experience and beauty is in the ear of the beholder.

    As for the last waltz, there was no issue between Neil and Dylan, just some friendly banter. Another nice article (

    The reason possibly that Neil is no longer on Sirius, may just be that the listening figures aren’t high enough anymore and so the channel is putting efforts elsewhere? This sort of thing does happen to other artists as well.

    It is only music, and so not worth getting all upset about. I love Neil, others don’t, so what! But what is true, Neil has been amazingly successful and I believe could have been even bigger if he had explored other areas of the world where his music was charting in the 70s, such as Malyasia, Singapore  etc..


  7. Hey Nick !


    Pretty much agree with all you’ve said and yes it’s all about popularity in the entertainment industry as you suggest.


    As far as “The Last Waltz” is concerned that article pretty much says it all doesn’t it. (BTW Neil would never trash talk anyone in a public arena) Again it’s the great divide showing up again with the type of audience not really being Neil’s at all. As suggested the only reason why Neil was ever there was due to the collaboration between Neil and Robbie as colleagues, just like Neil and Rick Rubin. Like I’ve said previously if ever there’s any type of story done about producers then Rubin always features on it just like Quincy Jones would, but within Rick’s life story you’ll never see the story about what Rick did with Neil as that’s just not seen to be hip or cool, why you all ask ? it’s again that ol’ chestnut “Neil Diamond” popping up. It’ll all be about what he brought out of Johnny Cash before he shuffled off this Mortal Coil.


    Of the two album’s Rick produced for Neil one of them would probably have to be Neil’s best ever work, that being HBD, but that’s just not to be spoken of because of the reputation Mr Diamond has within the promotional entertainment industry.


    Sadly Neil will never get the adulation that he deserves as he’s seen to be an “easy listening pop artist” by the industry that judges him daily, but regardless of that all of us that listen to him love him for what he’s done and basically Neil knows that as well I’m sure.


    Sometimes I just think it’s a jealousy thing as Neil could buy and sell many of these so-called artists over and over again and is living a far better life than any of his knockers would ever have the ability of doing.



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