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I have been a Neil Diamond fan since 1966.

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  1. Kirk, I believe you just have to be logged in and than check the box of the

    Poll, which would be the first one, early 60’s and it should change the count and you’ll know your vote is counted. Jim.  By the way, I still remember the dinner at the Igloue ? sp, before the concert and I was sitting with Tom.  Great memories.  Wish they could go on for ever, but I guess thats all we have now is just the GREAT Memories. One for the gipper, I mean  Neil.  Hope he is doing well and enjoying himself and his family.  Hope this helps Kirk, if not at least it brought back all those good memories and bus call and evening with Hadley, Tom and Tom H. at the Hotel.  Till we meet again.


  2. You were there from the start...

    You got an early start as a Neil fan. Kudos to you; you’ve got me beat by almost 4 years.

    I don’t think the poll thing is still open. Wish the girls would keep the site active and still in the moment. There are lots of Neil things going on around the country, Sweet Caroline is practically becoming the nation’s go-to “happy” song, and don’t write him off just yet, we may still see some new tunes from Neil.

    What do they say, keep hope alive? Well, let’s keep hope alive!



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