Neil sang YDBMF & Sweet Caroline at Brooklyn restaurant last night!

Hope the video link works

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  1. WHAT A TREAT!!!

    I just happened here on a whim and I see this link and I had to watch!  What a treasure this is.  Wow!  Neil looking and sounding wonderful with this impromptu 2 song set in a Brooklyn restaurant!  God Bless You, Neil!  I know you miss singing for your fans and, believe me, WE MISS YOU!

    Sending you wishes for good health and lots of love!!



  2. Thank you soooo much for sharing...

    How absolutely fantastic to see Neil looking great and sounding his usual awesome self!!!!  What a lucky lady to have him come up and sing with her!!!!


  3. He still has the itch to perform....

    ..and did a great job as well, his voice is in good shape. He should do more of this, surprise people in restaurants 🙂


  4. You can still see it can't you ?

    This man just misses what he did best and that’s perform. I’m sure he has days where he couldn’t even fathom doing what he did there but while and when he can I’m sure he’ll be just happy to pick up a microphone and let it rip.


    Good on ya Neil !!



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