New unreleased songs.

I really like most of them. I had heard “Don’t Seem Likely” and “Long Nights Hold On” in demos. The completed versions are MUCH better. Why CBS rejected these songs is a mystery.

I love “Before I Had a Dime” should have been on “Tennessee Moon.” “Easy (To Be in Love) is great but sounds like he ripped off “Sweet LA Days.”

One wonders why some of these were left off albums? Perhaps they just didn’t fit.



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  1. I like most of them

    It Don’t Seem Likely and Long Nights, Hold On have really strong choruses. It’s a mystery to me why these have remained on the shelves for so long. The only songs I don’t like are You Are, the kind of sluggish ballad that reminds me of Neil’s mostly forgettable 80’s period, and the muddled Caribbean Cruise.


  2. It Dont Seem Likely is so catchy

    The playful changing tempo,soulful backup singers & Neil’s voice better then ever.Even the lyrics (annoyingly generic in some of the other unreleased songs) are great.

    “Long Nights Hold On” is just beautiful.Has been my soundtrack for nights were I couldn’t sleep.

    I also love “Girls Gone Fishing” ,”Before I Had A Dime” and “You Are” (even though the lyrics are very generic).I dislike “Caribbean Cruise” ,”Maybe” and “Easy” . 



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