Red Rock no, Aspen yes…

The sponsor of the Red Rocks Sweet Caroline Tour concert by Jay White (PBS of Colorado) cancelled the concert shortly after ticket sales began. No reason was given.

For those who live in that region, Jay White does have a concert date next Friday, March 29th, at the Aspen Wheeler Opera House featuring two Neil Diamond Band members – legendary percussionist/conga player King Errisson and orchestrator/keyboardist Mark Levang.

Tickets are reasonably priced, and there are also meet and greet tickets available. The show proceeds will directly benefit the Cheyenne Parkinson Support Group patients and caregivers.

Ya win some, and ya lose some. You’re in for a while, then you’re out of style.

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  1. I really thought this was odd from the get go

    How could an impersonator fill a ten thousand plus seat venue? I’m sure Jay White is great at what he does ( though personally impersonators aren’t my thing ) it just seemed way over ambitious to book such a venue. The donation to parkinsons research is a wonderful gesture though and credit to him for that.

    It must be a bit weird/sad for King to perform with Jay after so many years with Neil.


  2. FOND reply

    With the concert cancelled it didn’t really matter, but wanted you all to know that Jo did send a nice reply from FOND regarding Neil’s potential attendance.



  3. Jay & King

    Jay and King have been friends for many years, also golfing buddies, so for King to perform with Jay is more than just a “job.” They go back many years. And as far as impersonators, Jay is the best of the best and add to that he is a very, very nice man.



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