Robbie Robertson: My life in 12 songs (IYKWIM)

Robbie looks back at IYKWIM (among other songs)

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  1. Thanks for sharing this.

    Robbie Robertson’s production gave Beautiful Noise a unique timbre and it could have been a template for the Jazz Singer, which I often consider a worthy successor album wise.

    As Robbie says, Neil was continuing the amazing tradition of Tin Pan Alley Jewish musicianship.


    As a slightly-related aside…

    I always thought it slightly ironic that Neil dressed quite conservatively for The Last Waltz and the jump suit type outfit was sported by Van Morrison. Two former Bang artists with different trajectories.


  2. Robbie did an amazing job producing Beautiful Noise

    Neil’s vocals never sounded as powerful.The echo on IYKWIM for example.

    Just my opinion but Bob Gaudio completely watered down Neil’s vocal power on I’m Glad You’re Here with Me Tonight.Should be remastered with the vocals tuned up and all the cheesy strings tuned down.

    I read that Robbie is Native American on his mothers side and Jewish on his father’s side.I like some of his solo albums (as well as The Band)


  3. Robbie was a great producer for Neil

    I never understood why he didn’t do more albums with him after the huge success both commercially and creatively of Beautiful Noise.



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