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Don’t remember seeing the Ron Tutt interview earlier this year. It is on the same YT series aimed at drummers (I am not one, but still find these interviews interesting) – The Sessions Panel with Dom Famularo, which had the

Chris Jago:    an excellent interview with the Liverpudian guy who stepped in for Ron on Neil’s last tour.

The Ronnie Tutt interview: … came a couple of months later and it’s really interesting, with chat about joining Neil’s band and the challenges and highlights.  Ron also talks about his career being a session drummer, including working for Elvis and Jerry Garcia.

Anyone needing reminding of Ron Tutt magic before Neil should catch some of the clips around of his stuff with Elvis – absolute legend. I have the DVD of That’s the Way it Is and there’s good examples on there.

I only recently learnt (by reading sleeve notes) that Ron played on Billy Joel’s Piano man album, and, I think perhaps his following one. There’s a song on there called Stop in Nevada which I have always enjoyed the rhythm track of, and I think it is, indeed Mr Tutt on the skins – and also the studio version of Captain Jack.

Billy then took on Liberty deVito, whose drumming I always liked in Joel’s output, but who also is referenced by Chris Jago during his interview.

As I say, I’m not a drummer at all, but the musical insights in such interviews as these are superb. This is part of the joy of music, that this far on, we are able to look back and learn so much from these wonderful musicians.

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