Some good songs in the new box

Except for Caribbean Cruise, which sounds sloppy, but I’m so disappointed with the shortness of the demos.

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  1. Long Nights Hold On & It Dont Seem Likely & You Are are great

    Could have fit on any ND album.

    The rest sound like from some unreleased Jimmy Buffett album IMO.Easy Country listening (some with a Caribbean beach flavour).

    As for the demos,IAIS is short but brilliant.But America sounds nothing like America.It is more of a short idea sketch then an actual demo.



    1. Yes, Long Nights

      And It Don’t Seem Likely are great songs, but I also like C’est la vie, Girls Go Fishin’ and Before I Had a Dime. Caribbean Cruise is bad. The box should arrive Tuesday, looking forward to that!


  2. Well Done!

    Agree Caribbean Cruise is a bit weak. I do like his version of Sunflower, and You Are is very pretty though the lyrics are not the most original.

    I also like the live version of Baby Can I Hold You Tonight. He did a lot of talk-singing in the late 80’s and 90’s but he sings well on this one.

    The book is very well done.

    All in all the collection is a comprehensive and amazing body of work over 50 years from a truly unique and talented artist.


  3. C'est La Vie is very very good, it stopped me in my tracks when I first heard it.

    It sounds like a recent song to me, happy melody but quite sad in a way. I love the lyrics. I could see it as a music video.



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