“Sweet Caroline” a blessing and a curse.

While it was a great song it has been WAY overdone. I think since Katie Neil has even overdone it. Youg people and casual folks likely think this was the only song he ever did. In recent years whenever he did perform on television it’s the only song he did.

No doubt the Boston Red Sox made this song even bigger than it already was but has it diminished his other work?

Personally, I’m Sweet Carolined out. Let’s find a new Neil anthem.



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  1. Yep you got that absolutely Spot On !!!!!


    I also have had an absolute gut full of this cheesy pop song over the years and can’t really see what people like about it.


    Here in Australia the AFL team that’s based in Sydney called the Sydney Swans use the song at quarter time at their home games at the SCG (Sydney Cricket Ground). It amazes me how all the young ones have taken to this tradition and sing along to it every time, while I just tune out.


    I guess it gives Neil more exposure and thus opens the door to having many people look at what else he’s done, remembering there are plenty out there that have never heard of Neil Diamond and those that have think his name is merely a “Stage Name”, so in saying that it’s a good thing overall but to me personally I’d rather hear nothing at all. The biggest and most annoying part of it was when in concert Neil would place so much emphasis on this song and even do it 3 times which would have me turn around and look the other way. He could’ve slotted 2 other songs along with only one rendition of SC and make it more memorable for many of us that no longer have any love for this drunken bum sing-along song.


    Here in Australia you could bracket SC into the same category of Daryl Braithwaite’s song “The Horses”, google it and you’ll see what I mean.


    Meanwhile check out the following link and you’ll see what I’m on about.




  2. Seet Caroline

    Sweet Caroline has a very sensitive lyric. The sports fans have turned it into a semi chant. So the true feeling of the song has been lost. My favourite version Hot August Night 1972. The Dreams bonus track, displays the songs sensitive side.


  3. I second that emotion...

    SC is a great song. But yes, it has overshadowed Neil’s excellent catalog, including songs that were just as big if not bigger when released. High profile songs like I’m A Believer and Red Red Wine are about as well known as SC, but often not attributed to Neil by casual fans and younger audiences who don’t realize he wrote them.  And many of those same folks don’t realize he did other and very different classics like I Am…I Said, Love On The Rocks, Cherry Cherry, Cracklin’ Rosie, and America – believe me, I’ve dragged friends along to Neil shows who didn’t want to see him, then loved him and the show, realizing only then that so many songs they knew were his.

    Ah well, at least SC keeps ND’s name in the public eye. And hopefully the musical will catalyze broader awareness and interest among younger and less aware audiences of his vast catalogue. His songs are timeless.



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