The Ballad Of Saving Silverman – What do ya think?

My opinion-The lyrics are too literal but melody so catchy

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  1. It is catchy indeed

    but I like the verses much more than the chorus. They are much more fun. Having listened to the three previously unreleased songs, I must admit they are not among Neil’s best. There is a reason why they remained on the shelves for so long.


  2. Neil talks about TBOSS

    The print interviews that Neil is giving for this song,his twitter & facebook posts today+ Vevo video with already 7,000 views,Sure is looking like “The Ballad of Saving Silverman” is the promotional single off 50th Collectors Edition.

    Bit strange considering how much the song lyrics are about the characters from a low grossing comedy released 17 years ago.But what do I know.



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