Unreleased “Story of My Life” album

Does anyone have the track list (including sequence) for this unreleased album?

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  1. Unsure about order

    I’m your man

    moonlight rider

    Long nights, hold on

    It don’t seem likely


    dancing to the party next door

    I’m saying I’m sorry

    angel above my head

    the story of my life




  2. Tracks

    I’ve always wondered what this album would have been like.

    If it had gone ahead, how strong might it have been?

    The title song is amazing. Any others in the list as good?

    With hindsight, could the music from around this era for Neil have been presented in a more effective way? I mean, could one great album have sprung out instead of the unreleased album, Primitive, and Headed for the Future. (For the record, personally I’ve always lobed HFTF and have grown to appreciate P more in recent years.)

    Just discussin’…



  3. Spotify

    I put together this group of songs as a playlist on Spotify.  The only one missing is “I’m your man”.  Look under playlists – “story of my life album”


  4. I read newspaper interviews from 1986 and TSOML album is talked about a lot

    Neil described it as “too dark and personal” as the reason why didn’t fight Columbia for its release like he did with Primitive.

    I personally don’t think it was as dark as other albums dealing with death of a loved one (like Sting’s Soul Cages) as the songs have catchy hooks even with personal lyrics.


  5. TSOML

    Just love “Angel above my Head” I think it’s as good if not better than TSOML.


    It’s a bit of a hard decision, depends a lot on the day I guess.


    I’ve always felt that this album was far better than both Primitive and Headed for the Future, but then Bohemian Rhapsody was deemed a failure by the record company prior to it’s eventual release and see what happened there.

    BTW I don’t like Queen at all, but they are a part of music history.


  6. Songs on 50th anniversary

    Hi again,

    I think, the 50th Collector’s booklet tells some fake news (among some other little mistakes;-)):

    The last 3 Songs on CD 6 weren’t written for HFTF or MR, bit for the TSOML-album…



  7. It don't seem likely...

    …was in fact considered to be used for the MR album (originally recorded for TSOML, then re-recorded for MR), see photo inside of the booklet of this album, there’s a Post-it with this title!



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