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I did not know this site was still up – i had a had time trying to get it about 2 years ago.


Happy you are back!

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    The original person who was in charge of this site, gave it up and gave it to someone else to be in charge of it.   A lot of the information hs not been updated.  People who post here regularly does not post here anymore.


  2. This website



    This used to be a fantastic website full of activity and a daily basis.


    Now it pretty much seems to have become some sort of waste land. I’m not totally sure if this has got to do with all the other social media platforms which have taken many members from here because they are far more interactive etc. or maybe it is all because Neil has withdrawn from the touring circuit and thus there’s nothing to talk about.


    Regardless this site has been let go sometime back and no one is willing to finish the last upgrade that was supposed to bring it in to the 21st Century with most of it’s features lost and now totally defunct.


    I totally understand that this has all been done on a voluntary basis but I’m sure if allowed many members here would’ve gladly helped out to finalise all the work required including myself, but sadly those offers were refused and as such this is the current state of the site as it stands. I can’t see it improving in any way anymore.


    To quote Michael Jackson’s famous last catch cry, I’d say, “This is it !”





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