What was Capitol Records Thinking?

With the soon-to- be released, “The Collectors Edition-6CD box set at the end of November. Who needs another one!!!  Nothing is new except for the 2 demos, live version of Baby Can I Hold You, and the anticipated unreleased songs on the 6th disc. Do we need another compilation with previously released material? Some songs have been added and some were removed.  They still haven’t fixed Yesterday Songs (listen to the 50th Tour 3-CD compliation), Soolaimon to their complete versions. Do something different, put in maybe, The Freedom Song, or the live version of Look Out, (Here Comes Tomorrow) or even maybe the demo version of A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You , even other unreleased songs.

In my opinion, the Head Honchos at Capitol Records should have their heads examin’ and visit there nearest psychiatrist!!





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  1. I've said this time and time again



    Capitol Records are doing Neil NO favours whatsoever.


    rather they just keep making him and themselves look like amateurs in the business.



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