Woburn Abbey – Why was concert never released.

According to Wikipedia “He performed at Woburn Abbey on July 2, 1977, to an audience of 55,000 British fans. The concert and interviews were taped by film director William Friedkin, who used six cameras to capture the performance”

William Friedkin was the director of the French Connection and The Exorcist.  French Connection won 5 Academy Awards including best director.

So quite obviously, the filming of the concert was in good hands.  I just wonder why the entire was never released.  I think fans would love to see it.   Makes we wonder what happened?  Any insight?

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  1. To be honest ...........................



    As far as we always were lead to believe Neil was never comfortable with the TYAC (Australia 1976) coming out of the closet because of the issues that came about from it, but that was released onto the market and certainly would’ve made him quite a few dollars.


    I’ve always felt that many of Neil’s fans fell into the folk law scenario of how Neil actually felt about things when in actual fact they really didn’t have a clue on how Neil felt.


    Most of this is all about contractual issues and not how anyone felt about it at all.



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