Your favourite Neil Diamond ‘Deep Cut’.

Thought it might be fun, while we await whatever Neil is inevitably working on, to invite people to post what you consider to be the most wonderful track of Neil’s in your mind.

’Deep Cut’ infers that we are looking past the obvious ‘hits’ and are on a quest for, perhaps, less known gems. There are plenty to choose from hidd n away on each album.

It would be helpful if you stated also the album your favourite comes from. Giving your reasons why will also be interesting.

Over to you….

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  1. Deep cut-This Time

    This Time- The Best Year’s of Our Lives.

    I love this album, it was my Jr year in HS and although Neil had past his prime, this album had some special moments for me.



  2. Clarification

    I should explain, when I said “past his prime” I mean that he was not as popular with my classmates and peers.  He was of course a force of music and one of the top touring artists at the time. Ironically, Neil became more popular with my peers as we got older


  3. Deep Cut

    There are so many and my choice would be different depending on my mood when asked the question.

    Just now, I choose Evermore from 12 Songs.  I’ve just finished performing in a play where my character was deeply affected by the loss of a relationship.  Listening to Evermore was a huge help in being able to tap into the truth of the emotions my character had to project.



  4. deep cut

    I have always liked “If I Never Knew Your Name” from the Brother Love album in 1969.

    I believe this song could and should have been a hit back in 1969.  I still think this song could be a hit someday.


  5. Deep Cut

    Not sure what qualifies as a deep cut…everything I can think of seems too obviously not a deep cut. Signs, Sunday Sun, Lost Among the Stars, I’ve Never Been The Same, And The Singer Sings His Song.

    If I had to pick one though, it would be Juliet


  6. DC


    “Hey Louise” from the Jazz Singer !


    I’ve always felt that this would’ve been a fantastic concert song in his set list, but for some unknown reason Neil snubbed it himself.


  7. Too many to count!

    I couldn’t choose just a few-so I picked favorites from most albums! 🙂  Who agrees with some of these????


    Dance of the Sabres

    Free Man in Paris

    The American Popular Song

    Mothers and Daughters, Fathers and Sons

    Diamond Girls

    Mama Don’t Know

    The Shelter of Your Arms

    Hey Louise

    Be Mine Tonight

    The Drifter

    Love Burns

    Stand Up For Love

    Take Care Of Me

    Mountains Of Love

    Someone Who Believes In You

    One Hand, One Heart

    Gold Don’t Rust

    Can Anybody Hear Me

    Seongah and Jimmy

    Alone at the Ball



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